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Competition for funding of student thesis 2014-2015 (09.10.2014)
An exhibition reminds of the upcoming Festival of chestnuts (03.10.2014)
BBF and the Exhibition Natura 2000 - the best from the nature of Bulgaria and Europe visits Sofia Zoo (19.09.2014)
7 new strategic documents prepared by Life for the Burgas lakes project were presented in Burgas (15.09.2014)
National Wetlands Plan (2013 - 2022) (15.09.2014)
Vit Barger's internship in BBF is over (11.09.2014)
We put a Capercaillie GPS backpacks on another Capercaillie (03.09.2014)
BBF took a part in Beglika Fest (01.09.2014)
Festival of the salt (27.08.2014)
Voluntary action "Mow lawn - save orchid" (19.08.2014)

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